Meet The Team

This is our Editor and co-founder, Sabrina Miller. Sabrina lives in Elstree and goes to the University of Bristol, where her love of drama and all things edgy makes her a perfect (mis)fit. Her love of literature and poetry, cultivated from a young age, has helped her develop an eloquence and wit in her writing which professional authors would be proud to possess. Sabrina also takes a keen interest in current affairs, and despite her penchant for calm, rational argument, has succeeded in annoying more people on the topics of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism than Jeremy Corbyn ever managed to. An eccentric character who once ate glue in an art lesson, Sabrina wants to pursue a career in journalism, because who needs money these days anyway? For now, she is enormously excited to show the world a glimpse of her talent, and can’t wait to get started!
This is our other (less talented) co-founder and Editor Jonathan Korn, though he usually goes by JK. JK was born and raised in Hendon a place known for being  more Jewish than gefilite fish. His attempts to escape the Jewish bubble were thwarted at the age of 18 when he decided to go to the University of Birmingham (once famously labelled a ‘Zionist Outpost’) and live with his six best friends from school. He reads History and Politics at University because he decided from an early age that he didn’t really want any transferable skills and that owning a house in London is ‘totally overrated’. JK is known by his friends for his quick wit and is now putting his talents to the ultimate test. Oy Vey magazine is the ideal place for JK to combine his love for satire and his love for the Jewish community.