About Us

Oy Vey Magazine is a Jewish satire magazine. We operate on the basis of full equality, so we make fun of everyone, equally. Whilst all readers are welcome to think we nurture a secret hatred for them, we promise this is only true some of the time. We’re mostly just trying to be funny. If you are upset by our articles, we would like to politely remind you that 98% of our friends are lawyers, so don’t sue. If you think our articles are prejudiced against YOU, just send Sabrina Miller a rude Facebook message (she’s used to it).

Below are all real quotes from our fans.

“Some of the articles aren’t shit” – Sabrina’s mum

“Why couldn’t my son be a lawyer” – Jonathan’s dad

“I can’t believe my girlfriend made me proof read all of these articles!” – Sabrina’s boyfriend

The BIG thing in Jewish comedy aside from: Sacha Baron Cohen, David Baddiel, Matt Lucas, Ashley Blaker, Sara Gibbs, Jackie from Friday Night Dinner, Adam Sandler, Mrs Maisel in The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Jerry Seinfield, Yid-Life Crisis, Larry David, Woody Allen, Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg, and many, many more.