Father of the groom gets Smicha, catering licence, and photography permit, just to get an invite to his own son’s wedding

By, Sabrina Miller, Editor

One father has gotten Smicha, a catering license, and photography permit in order to secure an invite to his own son’s wedding next week.

Recent government Covid-regulation has reduced the number of people allowed at a wedding to just 15, meaning that even immediate family members are being made to compete for an invite.

Oy Vey spoke to the proud father who admitted it’s a “dog eat dog world at there. I’m competing for a wedding invitation with my wife Sarah, (there’s only room for one of us). She’s driven herself mad learning to play five different instruments this week. She’s hoping she’ll get an invite as the band. I’m not holding out much hope though”.

Oy Vey spoke to the happy couple to ask how they were feeling about the situation.

“Unfortunately the wedding guest list has really been stripped to its bare bones” admitted the bride “which means that whilst my whole family will be able to come, alas my future mother in law won’t be able to celebrate with us – what a shame”.

Every cloud…

Featured Image: Unsplash : Drew Coffman

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