Your weekly Sedra summary – Devarim

By, Emmett Stone, Contributor

This Torah portion might as well open with Moshe Rabeinu in the driver’s seat, and his children in the back asking after their 40-year-journey “Daaaaad…are we there yet?”—the answer being ‘you’ll get there when you get there’. He then goes on in classic Dad fashion to tell everyone to just stop bickering.

He then decides to tell a long rambling story that we’ve all already heard before – by which I mean a recap of what we’ve just spent the last seven and a half months reading. Moshe details all the laws the Jewish people were given in the desert as well as a few Old Testament favourites like the story of the 12 spies.

We are then reminded how G-d in His classic, measured and proportional style told the Jewish people that they would have to all die out in the desert because ten spies decided that they didn’t fancy declaring war on giants and conquering Israel.

Featured image: Unsplash/ Mick Haupt

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