Jews relieved to have been displaced by the Chinese as the sinister lobby exerting undue influence

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

For years, Jews have been accused of lurking in the shadows, controlling world events from behind the scenes. However, for this week and this week only, the scapegoated community seem to have been given some time off from their position as puppet-masters-in-chief.

To the relief of Jewish communities across the world, the Chinese state has agreed to take over the role of “sinister lobby exerting covert and malign influence on global events”.

As Xi Jinping’s government enhances its presence in the South China Sea, enters into territorial disputes with India and seeks to increase its “soft power” in Europe and Africa, many observers are now suggesting that it is the Asian Republic, not the Jews, which really controls the twists and turns of everyday life from behind the scenes.

One prominent British journalist has even claimed to have seen secret documents entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Huawei”, which detail a plot by Chinese technology companies to take over Europe’s 5G networks. 

However, the Chinese state still has some way to go if its ultimate goal is world domination. Infiltrating British universities and the upper echelons of British society is all well and good, but any anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist will tell you that unless you control the media and the banks, you’ve got no chance of succeeding. 

Featured Image: Unsplash/bantersnaps

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