World Thinks it is Just About Ready for Moshiach Now

By, Emmett Stone, Contributor

With the world reeling from the effects of climate change, a global pandemic, and civil unrest – people are just about ready for the arrival of Moshiach. 

A recent poll conducted in Israel, the UK, and the US, found that the majority of respondents believed 2020 to be a “generational low-point”. Almost all those asked admitted they thought the world to be ending anyway “so we might as well embrace the arrival of Moshiach”. 

Though many interviewed initially expressed admiration for modern life; recent events convinced them it was finally time to welcome the Messiah. 

One concerned individual said that whilst he did appreciate some parts of 2020 “like the internet, clean running water and democracy, it is about time the Moshiach arrived and ushered in the end of days”.

He added, “since the start of 2020 we have jumped from one sh*t show to another. Be it raging fires in Australia (which aren’t even relevant anymore because of all the other things that have happened), a global pandemic (that has completely changed the world as we know it), or Liverpool winning the Premier League – the Moshiach needs to come and he needs to come fast!”

Oy Vey reached out to G-d to comment, but unfortunately all He did was refer our reporters to statements He had made previously at Mount Sinai.

Featured Image: Unsplash / Kuma Kum

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