“What a bargain” Price of kosher meat now just triple the price of normal meat

By, Sabrina Miller, Editor

In an amazing turn of events the price of kosher meat has been reduced by 99%, now making it just triple the price of normal flishlik. In an unprecedented move, every kosher deli in the UK has decided to reduce the price of meat to make it “reasonably priced and affordable”?

Meaty restaurants have similarly slashed prices, ensuring you get a full meal for the bargain price of just £95 per person, per course. This decision comes after fleysh restaurants were accused of “milking people” for all they have (though of course no dairy products were used in this process).

Rabbis across the UK have heralded the decision as “unprecedented and exciting”. They claim that the bread and (non-dairy) butter of any meaty eatery is being able to provide high quality food. They seem confident kosher restaurants will still be able to do this despite the dramatic slashing of prices.

In an official statement they announced “we are pleased kosher butchers across the UK have gone the extra mile to show the really have the interests of customers at heart”.

The icing on top of this dry and tasteless parve cake is that now even more Jewish families can eat in meaty restaurants for the price of small house or big car. Bon appetite Oy Vey readers.

Featured image: Unsplash/ Charlie Solorzano

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