Mark Regev’s best moments

By, Benjamin Goldstein, Contributor

The Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, has finally said goodbye. As a token of appreciation for the job he’s done, we at Oy Vey Magazine have performed the selfless task of combing through years of archive material in order to pick out some of his best moments!   

Pride controversy

To mark Pride Month, Regev decided to show his colours (quite literally) by erecting a rainbow flag outside the Israeli embassy.  Naturally, he was condemned by the religious right for acknowledging that gay people are human beings who deserve equal rights, and targeted on Twitter with warnings of ‘fire and sulphur’ descending upon his abode, the same substances which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Alas, if only the verses in the Torah pertaining to “loving your neighbour” were taken quite as seriously as the verses prohibiting homosexual relations, Regev might have got away with his show of support scot-free. However, it turns out that some of the people who rightly praise Israel’s status as the only liberal democracy in the region are not as proud of this status when liberalism means freedom to marry the person you love. 

Jeremy Corbyn

Regev was given the unenviable task of maintaining an amiable relationship with the former leader of the Labour party.  He was the only Israeli official actually to meet with him, in 2016, although he suffered the indignity of being stood up by Corbyn three times. Sources close to the Ambassador claimed that Corbyn was too busy attending vigils for his mates in the IRA to attend the meeting. 

Corbyn himself later assured Oy Vey Magazinethat this had nothing to do with his deep-rooted hatred for the state of Israel and everything to do with his general unprofessionalism. Phew! 

The saga took another twist when it emerged in Corbyn’s memoirs that he was unable to attend further meetings with Regev because he was too busy not attending a wreath laying! 

University Campus talks 

Since 2015, Mark Regev has been herded around every British University campus to promote the state of Israel. However, everywhere Mr Regev went, he was pestered by BDS activists! 

Now the more obsessive of these anti-Regev activists don’t have a problem with Jews (don’t be absurd) they just hate (and by hate we mean literally loathe) the world’s only Jewish state! There’s a huge difference! Luckily, Regev was undeterred, and everywhere he went, he put those pesky, Israel-bashing activists in their place. 


On 18thMay, Regev became the latest celebrity to address virtual JLGB, joining the likes of Auntie Val, Judge Rinder and Eyal Booker. Meeting Love Island star Eyal Booker was undoubtedly the highpoint of Regev’s thirty-year career. The perfect send off. We wonder if he snatched a selfie? 

All in all, we’re sad to see Mark Regev go. But don’t worry, new Ambassador, Likudnik Tzipi Hotovely, has already made quite an impression on the British Jewish community. By which I mean no one knows who she is. However, the fact that Hotovely is too right-wing for journalist Melanie Phillips means we can be sure that our new Ambassador will just as polarising and entertaining as the last!

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