Board of Deputies participates in sponsored silence for NHS by refusing to say the word “Annexation”

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

Starting last Monday, the Board have pledged not to mention the word “Annexation” in any official capacity. £100 will be donated to the NHS for each day the Board manages to say absolutely nothing on the question of extending Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank. 

Already, the campaign has been enormously successful- we’re coming up to three weeks and still no Board member has uttered as much as a peep, let alone come close to mentioning the “A” word, as it is now known in Board circles.

Oy Vey were however told that the Board cannot take a position on the “A” word due to the “Diverse range of opinions which exist within the Jewish community”; which presumably means it can’t ever take a position on anything ever again.

Oy Vey tried to arrange one-on-one interviews with senior members of the Board, but requests for comment were turned down, accompanied by shushing noises and wild gesticulations. 

Community organisations from the left and right were not impressed by the Board’s reluctance to engage.

A statement from Yachad claimed that “There is an overwhelming consensus within the Jewish community against annexation, even though everyone we talk to seems to dislike us and our organisation”, whilst Likud Herut have suggested that “The Board should be unapologetically unapologetic about offering no apology for Israel’s actions.”

Featured image: Jewish Chronicle

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