Synagogue’s girls’ learning programme actually 6-week knitting course

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

An Orthodox Synagogue in Hendon has caused controversy after its new Girls’ Learning Programme turned out to be a 6-week knitting course. 

Hendon Synagogue, under the auspices of Rabbi M. I. Sogynist, is facing criticism after 55 women turned up to study their religion and its holy texts for the first time, only to discover that Orthodox Judaism still doesn’t have much regard for women or their opinions.

The course in question claimed to teach women ‘practical skills’ including how to knit, cook, clean, give birth, and set up the Shul Kiddush.

Attendees were warned that failure to adhere to a strict dress code would result in removal, religious excommunication and possibly a pelting with stones.

Rabbi Misogynistic made the following statement defending his ‘educational’ course.

“Men and women have different but equal roles within Judaism, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just like we wouldn’t teach a fish to climb a tree, so too you couldn’t possibly teach a woman how to study Torah.”

He continued:

“Sure, only men are allowed to be Rabbis. Yes, only men can make religious law. And ok, there might be a morning blessing in which men profoundly thank God for not making them women. But apart from that, I really don’t understand where all these sexism allegations are coming from.”

Featured Image: Unsplash: Rebecca Grant

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