Exclusive: Donald Trump gets his nice orange glow by bathing in Bamba every evening

By, Sabrina Miller, Editor

Fact! The leader of the free world bathes in Bamba in order to maintain his enviable pumpkin complexion.

Oy Vey can exclusively reveal that Trump’s tangerine skin tone is no accident. The American President has spent many years following a regimented skin routine.

In an interview Trump explained scientific benefits of covering your skin in the delicious Israeli snack. 

“As an expert in dertmatologicalIamamoronologist I am often asked, “Donald, how do you give your skin such a fluorescent glow?”

“Simple. So, so simple. Bamba is scienmatifically proven to improve your eyesight. Fact! All orange foods give you 20:20 vision. Carrots, doritos, oranges. Oranges actually have double the effectiveness because they are the colour orange and are also called orange. FACT!

I actually have the best vision out of all the global leaders. None of the other global leaders have eyesight as good as mine. My eyesight is so good, I can actually see tiny microscopic particles invisible to the ordinary human eye. 

The President continued to waffle on, however his press secretary managed to wrestle the mic away before he was able to continue. 

Though it is true that the President’s bamba habit has left him with mango coloured glow, one dares not speculate how Trump has managed to maintain the sparkle in his urine-coloured hair. 

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