A Reform Shul highlights its inclusivity by reading from the Book of Revelations

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

A reform synagogue in West London has sparked controversy by announcing that the Torah portion read this week will be from the book of Revelations in the New Testament. While some argue that this may not be in line with ‘the tradition of Judaism’, the shul in question countered by emphasising that interfaith is an essential aspect of the ‘Jewish tradition’.  

PickandChoose Shul in Kensington will roll out its 50/50 scheme this coming Saturday in a move lauded by exponents as “Revolutionary” and attacked by critics as “not very Jewish”.

Senior figures from within the community defended the decision, with one person claiming that “Prayer is all about creating a safe space for people of all religions or none to come and worship. Judaism is all about inclusivity and so we’ve decided to include Christian texts in our religious ceremonies. It was the only sensible thing that could be done!”  

When our reporter on the scene suggested that “The Book of Revelations was not in fact a Jewish text” Oy Vey were accused of bigotry, and politely reminded that “Jesus and his followers were just as Jewish as you and me”.

However, the United Synagogue took a dimmer view of the proposals laid out by PickandChoose. The Assistant Chief Rabbi accused PickandChoose of “Heresy of the highest order”, and declared that “the elders of the synagogue be stoned at the city gates”. So much for turning the other cheek…

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