“Mormonism is ridiculous, how can anyone believe that sh*t?” says man who sits in shed for eight days and cuts off son’s foreskin

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

Jews worldwide risk being accused of hypocrisy after mocking Mormonism as a “ridiculous religion with bizarre religious practices”. Some Jewish communities have gone one step further, arguing that Mormonism is made up of “implausible claims” with “little factual basis”.

Avrom Cohen, senior Rabbi of the “pot calling kettle black” Synagogue in Cardiff, claimed that Mormons were making a “mockery of organised religion” with their nonsensical claim that Joseph Smith, the movement’s founder, was a prophet who actually spoke to G-d himself. 

“They must be living in fantasy land”, Cohen told Oy Vey magazine. “thinking God revealed the ultimate truth of the world by dictating some notes to a guy calling himself a Prophet? That’s just bonkers.” Mid-way through the interview Rabbi Cohen had to briefly excuse himself to write a shiur on the ten commandments (instructions allegedly passed by G-d directly to the Jewish prophet Moshe). 

Some of the laws and dictates of the Church of Latter-Day Saints also amused members of the Jewish community with an under-developed sense of irony. 

“It’s not that they’re bad people or anything”, Sara Golderg from Mill Hill reassured us. It’s just that some of the things they do are a little far-fetched, that’s all. Sadly, our interview with the mother-of-three was cut short as she had to attend the chopping off of her 8-day-old son’s foreskin before going to eat dinner in a shed. 

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