JSoc diversifies membership by allowing northerners to join

By, Sabrina Miller, Editor

One JSoc has radically diversified its membership by allowing real-life northerners to join. This unprecedented move has come after the JSoc in question was accused of being ‘clique’ for only having members from North West London who went to Habs, Immanuel, Yavneh or JFS. 

JSoc President Becky, from Hampstead Garden suburb, revealed that “when I started speaking to one of the Northerners I initially couldn’t understand what they were saying because they spoke with such a thick accent. In the end we decided to bring in someone from the midlands to deal with the language barrier.” 

Sam, a Bnei Akiva boy from Leeds said, “I was initially looking forward to going to JSoc, meeting loads of new people, making life long best friends and maybe finding myself the perfect shiddich, however when I rocked up to JSoc it appeared that everyone already knew each-other and they weren’t especially interested in making friends.” 

In response Becky made it clear that “JSoc isn’t about making friends, it’s about hanging out with the same six people you went to school with. Duh!” 

It appears that despite this JSoc’s progressive decision, nationally, JSoc’s are still struggling to diversify. One JSoc has even proudly came on record to say that all of its members live in either St. Johns Wood or Hampstead Garden Suburb and they would never even consider accepting anyone who lives past the Watford gap. 

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