‘Life is so much safer now we have Israel’ says Anglo-Jewish community, cowering inside to escape global pandemic

By, Sabrina Miller, Editor

Members of the Anglo-Jewish community are keen to highlight how much safer they feel now that Israel exists, despite the raging global pandemic threatening them and the lives of their families. 

On Yom Haatzmaut, Jewish community leaders gather together to praise a country literally thousands of miles away, for all that it has done for British Jews.  

Despite the unprecedented rise in anti-Semitism across the UK, the volatile political situation all over Europe and the unmissable global pandemic that has infected every facet of normal life, claiming the lives of over 200 000 people, Sarah Cohen from Hendon admits she’s never felt safer thanks to the existence of Israel. 

In a Yom Haatzmaut zoom ceremony, Rabbi Chaim stressed, whilst hiding terrified inside his home that “Israel will shield the Jewish community from any threat and that the Jewish community is the safest it’s ever been thanks to Israel and the IDF”. He then quickly excused himself to wash his hands for the fifteenth time that day. 

Quick PSA to all of our readers: do not leave the house for more than an hour a day to avoid catching the deadly Covid-19 virus. Do not go to the shops unless absolutely necessary. Do not see your family, especially grandparents or vulnerable peoples. Stay safe, stay healthy and remain incredibly grateful that Israel has made all of our lives more secure. 

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