“My son can help, he’s a doctor!”, thousands of Jewish mothers tell ailing Kim-Jong Un

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un has been inundated with letters from proud Jewish mothers offering the medical services of their children. 

Whilst the Chinese government has offered to send a team of physicians to analyse Mr Un, help has come from a different, and rather more unexpected source; the Jewish community. 

As of this morning, over 10,000 letters had been sent directly from Jewish households to North Korea. Most consisted of Jewish mothers urging the North Korean state to accept the help of their “extremely talented son”, who “got a First in his medical degree, by the way”.

Whilst Kim is expected to require heart surgery, this has not stopped one mother of a neurologist from proudly proclaiming their son’s unique ability to tackle the problem; after all, proud mother Rochelle Rabinowitz told us “Yoni was the only one in his year to go to Cambridge”. 

Oy Vey have come to understand that this is a particularly surprising turn of events because Jewish parents are always reluctant to share details of their children’s successes to a wider audience, particularly when these successes involve lucrative, white-collar jobs that required “years of training and hard work”.

There is, however, a risk that this altruistic gesture could be morphing into a game of one-upmanship. Since the time of writing, Mr Un has already been offered the services of over 200 City Lawyers, 350 Accountants and 26 Rabbis. 

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