Confirmed: ‘Shalom Jackie’ is the only appropriate way to greet your Jewish friends

By, Sabrina Miller, Editor

A recent anthropological study has discovered that ‘Shalom Jackie’ is considered a ‘respectful and appropriate’ greeting by 98% of British Jews. The study has also suggested that it’s important to offer your Jewish friends a ‘nice bit of squirrel’ at Friday night dinner if you want to be considered an ally of the Jewish community. 

According to our resident religious expert, the pious greeting rose in popularity on hit TV series Friday Night Dinner. However she noted the phrase ‘Shalom Jackie’ has always had its roots in Jewish religious tradition. 

Rabbi Cohen, a self-proclaimed big fan of the show is ‘incredibly pleased that Friday Night Dinner has brought Jewish Halacha into the mainstream. It’s great that we can display our proud tradition of over-bearing mothers and topless fathers on prime-time television. In all honesty I love it when non-Jewish people constantly greet me with the phrase Shalom Jackie and it’s definitely not annoying at all.” 

The study also found that other culturally sensitive openers include ‘what do you think of Labour party anti-Semitism’ ‘you’re telling me you’ve never tried bacon before’ and ‘what are your opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict’. Armed with these three greetings, you’ll be sure to make loads of Jewish friends in no time!

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