“I did it for the gantz”, says Israel’s Deputy PM on new coalition agreement

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

Benny Gantz has brushed aside accusations of a political sell-out after agreeing to join a coalition government spearheaded by political rival Benjamin Netanyahu.

The leader of the Blue-and-White Party claimed that he was just going into coalition “For the gantz” when confronted by angry supporters at a rally in Tel Aviv. 

“I may have said I’d never work with the bastard Netanyahu”, said Netanyahu’s new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence. 

“But this is a time of great national emergency and we need to come together. We can’t lose sight of what is and isn’t important.” When Oy Vey Magazine suggested to Gantz that being indicted for corruption fell into the first category, the leader of Blue-and-White angrily drove off in his new car, apparently a “Gift” from the Netanyahus which we are told has “Absolutely nothing to do” with Gantz’s decision to join forces with the Likud Party.

Oy Vey has learned that over 100 Mossad agents have been sent on a manhunt in search of Gantz’s principles, last seen over a month ago, but that the organisation is pessimistic about the chances of anything turning up. 

The one bit of good news came from France, where President Macron praised Gantz for “Surrendering without a fight”. The French Premier went on to say that Gantz, by raising the white flag, was following a noble and time-honoured French tradition dating all the way back to 1940. 

More on this story as it unfolds.

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