Ayatollah Khamenei criticises Stamford Hill community for religious intolerance and ‘reactionary values’

By, Jonathan Korn, Editor

The Supreme Cleric of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has hit out at the Stamford Hill community for “An astonishing level of religious intolerance” and “backwards” values unfit for the modern age.

The Ayatollah’s rare public intervention in a broadcast on Iranian Press TV will put pressure on the Charedi community, who have come under fire in recent months for their stances on LGBT equality, women’s rights and tolerance of other faiths and lifestyles. Now the leader of one of the world’s most militant theocracies has joined in the attack, arguing that religious extremism of this nature risks “tarnishing the good name of religion everywhere”.

In an interview with Oy Vey Magazine, Khamenei admitted he felt compelled to comment on the situation in Stamford Hill because he felt the repressive measures had just “gone too far” and he was finished “watching the community regress into a cesspit of narrow-minded fanaticism from the side lines.” 

In a closing statement Khamenei accused communities like those in Stamford Hill of “trampling on individual liberty” and using harsh, unacceptable and repressive measures to enforce conformity. 

Oy Vey contacted the Stamford Hill community for comment, but have received nothing. We think this is because the broadcast and the comment request were communicated via the Satanic world wide web. 

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